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Sep 25, 2012 6:00am EDT
four, wednesday. ahmadinejad will take the platform at the united nations. general assembly. and my question is what recourse, what actions can we be taking similar to canada shutting their embassy in what can the united states do with regard to the international court of justice? there's talk right now about recognizing the fact that he is on a genocidal path. his calls are genocidal, and that is against a member nation of the united nations. how can we as america do something to ensure that iran is thrown out of the united nations and set off course? he can't be given platforms like this. he is now the secretary for the next three years. >> if i understood it, your position is how can the united states get iran thrown out of -- do you realize iran just held a meeting where 40 countries went to -- [inaudible] >> i thought it was 40. but even more important, 120. and you are suggesting that somehow the president should organize the assembly so it will throw iran out? listen, you will forgive me. you will forgive me, but it's ridiculous. we pay dues but we don't decide how countries
Oct 2, 2012 6:00am EDT
and stability in the world. we also wish success to the secretary-general of the united nations in carrying out his duties in enhancing the purposes and principles enshrined in the charter of the united nations. mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, our world today faces many events that are affecting its states can and continue to cast their shadow on the international arena. many countries are facing political, economic, and financial crises whose consequences exceed the capacities of countries to individually cope with. and while the peoples of the world await effective and coordinated international efforts to overcome these crises, reality indicates, instead, an escalation of hegemony and domination over the fortunes of nations and peoples in a way that contradicts the principles and purposes enshrined in the charter of the united nations and the norms of international law. instead of seeking to contribute to the settlement of regional and international disputes by peaceful means, some well-known countries continue to pursue new colonial policies based on political hypocrisy in dealing with
Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
's not going to happen. israel remains very for strong as a nation, and as allies, particularly the united states of america who will always be there. iran being the one big exception to all of us. we can talk about iran. i think everyone pretty much understand where we are. and so i do not see in the immediate future of breakthrough in a peace process. i think that israel is secure, comfortable, and i don't sense that their political situation will allow them to make the kind of compromises or offers that would move it forward. and mr. assad is here now and he is taking the general assembly and that which is complicated. so i don't think much will change in the foreseeable future. with respect to the other countries, especially those in the gulf area, a couple things strike me. they are all modern, where as the ones that when we were not modern. even though it's not the kind of institution that i could think would provide the wherewithal, but to some extent they represent some sort of institution that the people look to. and they all are wealthy. for the most part. and so they can provide
Sep 28, 2012 6:00am EDT
will see that we have a lot of other nations that in concert with the united states also believe that the unilateral imposition of the emissions trading scheme is inappropriate. finally, there appears to be some recognition on the european side of late that there are real consequences for doing this. so we will continue to press for the appropriate avenues for the resolution of an issue like this. we are continuing to make it clear that we have serious concerns and do not believe it should be implemented. and i think the consequences of the european union moving ahead to the latter are much better understood by the e.u. these days. >> mr. chairman, thank you. just a few comments, and i think it's worth noting, oftentimes we point out when there are mistakes made for cost overruns, but, you know, i just have to say that since i've been involved in nextgen, i mentioned in my opening remarks that there was a time when the faa could tell us in layman's terms what nextgen was. it wasn't until secretary lahood was appointed secretary of transportation, and randy babbitt, the former adm
Sep 26, 2012 7:30am EDT
at virginia tech. at the time, tim and all virginians united, learned from what went wrong and improved the safety of our colleges. and so tim i commend you want to infer that. insofar as national security, there are a lot of challenges facing us. we had an opportunity to be on the side of an uprising in iran several years ago. when people wanted a more free and just society in iran. and i just wish our president had said we are on the side of those who wanted to change about theocracy, that repression regime but a state so that reminded me of when -- pre-du-lac reset when ronald reagan called the soviet union the evil empire, that gave hard to the producers. we have the biggest threat i think as iran, if iran gets nuclear weapons, that that needs to be prevented. you have worries about, particularly in syria, the chemical weapons stockpile. you have the attacks on embassies in libya and egypt and elsewhere around the world. this is exactly why it is so dangerous and so wrong to be playing these little games with our armed services. we need to be stored. we need a strong economy to have
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5